WS Containers LLC, or wscontainers, operates off-dock container storage and maintenance facilities in Houston and Dallas. With a combined footprint of over 80 acres proximate to the Port locations, wscontainers  can quickly and efficiently serve the maritime industry through service, sales and transportation offerings.  Because of  the service relationships with many of the leasing companies and shipping lines of the world, as well as direct factory contacts, wscontainers is able to sell containers in large quantities or even single units direct to the public. Containers are available in the right condition for the required projects, and in most cases, in stock for quick pickup or delivery. With over 50 years experience from the executive team, wscontainers not only understands the fast-changing dynamics of the maritime service industry but also assists clients in ways to forecast buying patterns, maximize returns and find the right containers at the right 


To offer our clients a trusted and service-oriented long-term partnership in the shipping container industry. To create a safe, engaging and challenging workplace for our employees. WS Containers has a desire from the very top to improve each day both as individuals and collectively in order to present the best experience for each and every customer. Surrounding ourselves with the best staff and encouraging a drive to always create an atmosphere of shipping container excellence is what makes WS Containers a great company today, while also being one I’m proud to envision in the coming years!.


WS Containers is a leading provider of shipping containers in the US. Whether looking for new, used or modified shipping containers, we’ve got you covered.


Welcome to WS Containers, America’s most trusted supplier of used shipping containers. If you are looking for used shipping containers for sale at affordable prices


We specialize in modifying containers to fit your unique requirements. Our wide range of modified shipping containers run the course from mobile offices, electrical switch rooms, container homes, emergency shelters and beyond.

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