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At WS Containers, or WSC, we are a local & worldwide Australian based container sales company who operate off-dock container storage and maintenance facilities in Melbourne Australia and Florida, USA. Don’t worry if you can’t get to either of our two depots, we are more then happy to help you over the phone, to select the perfect containers for your need. With our two locations, we have a combined footprint of over 80 acres proximate to the Port locations, WSC can quickly and efficiently serve the maritime industry through service, sales and transportation offerings.

We are extremely proud of our Melbourne Australia depot, which is the largest off-dock container terminal in the region. We are also a recipient of multiple “depot of the year” awards from various leasing companies worldwide.

Our mission is to get the right people, selling the right products, and using the right systems. We have many years of local expertise and, when combined with our global access and our systems orientated platform, you can see that WSC represents only the best in shipping containers and service excellence.

Here at wscontainers, we have over 20,000 shipping containers on the ground at our two full-scale depots in Melbourne Australia and Florida USA. Between this and our dedicated sales team of over 50 members, we will be able to meet your needs, no matter what they might be. Our shipping containers for sale, cargo containers for sale, storage containers for sale are high quality and affordable, but if you are looking for something at an even more reasonable price then we also have used shipping containers for sale.

Our unprecedented industry presence is the result of years of knowledge, commitment and facilitation. It is because of the service relationships with many of the leasing companies and shipping lines of the world, as well as direct factory contacts, wscontainers is able to sell containers in large quantities or even single units direct to the public. Containers are available in the right condition for the required projects, and in most cases, in stock for quick pickup or delivery.

With over 50 years of experience from the executive team, wscontainers not only understands the fast-changing dynamics of the maritime service industry but also assists clients in ways to forecast buying patterns, maximize returns and find the right containers at the right price!

Both locations operate under a uniform software platform, a consistent team attitude and a desire to service both depot and sale clientele. Visit our locations in person to pick out your exact containers, meet the team and learn more about all the abilities at wscontainers locations.