[1] Can I pick out my actual container?

Of course you can! We would like to encourage you to visit our depot locations, meet with a sales rep and pick out exactly what you want from color to criteria. Call or email today and get your appointment time set up.

[2] How long will it take to get my container?

Lead times can certainly vary, but for an in-stock unit and local delivery, it should normally be at your site in just 1-2 business days. Other factors can create a longer lead-times such as location, weather/site-prep, modification requirements, etc.

[3]  Is the container freshly painted?

If you are purchasing a new or one-trip container, then it will have the original factory coating still freshly in tact. If you are purchasing a used container, it will be the original coating. A new paint job is always available as one of our standard modification options if you would like the container to match an existing structure or just look restored!